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prodigy disc golf bag

Buying Tips For Golf Bags

A golf bag is an important piece of equipment that allows you to carry your golf equipment. The items you need include discs,  golf clubs, golf balls markers, tees, markers as well as umbrellas and towels.

The load capacity of the equipment you carry in the bag will depend on your needs. You can also choose how you will carry it through the course. It can be carried on your own, or request to have a caddie carry it or place it on the cart.

If you intend to use prodigy disc golf bag  during your trips, then the weight doesn't matter. If you plan to carry the cart yourself it is sensible to carry the lighter bag. 

prodigy disc golf bag, prodigy bp1 v3

Different types of golf bags:

Bags for staff:These are the biggest of the golf bags. They can hold the entire set of golf clubs and come with numerous pockets on the sides. There are other golf equipment and items you may like to bring along in your. The majority of professional golfers opt for the bags used by staff members because it can carry a large amount of equipment. Additionally, because the bag is carried by a caddie it's weight doesn't matter. A great bag for staff is typically constructed of leather or other premium materials and is rather expensive.

Cart Bags:They are comparatively smaller in size than the staff bags. However, they are heavier and can be difficult to transport around on the course. They are designed to be put on golf carts, but they have smaller pockets and storage capacity.

Carry Bags: This is the most compact of them all and is generally made of nylon, plastic and various other light materials. They are made to hold the most essential items such as golf clubs, tiny golf equipment, and golf balls. They are the ideal option for golfers who like carrying the bag he has in his hand