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Protective guards

All About Guard Rail Systems

Guardrail systems primarily function is to protect people or vehicles from unprecedented dangers. Commercial and residential contractors use a safety rail system around the building to protect the elevator shaft, even to protect the stairs, and so on. You may visit this site if you want to get guardrails and handrails.

Types of guardrail security system:

Standard guardrail: The standard guardrail system is easy to install and offers total protection against possible damage or accidents.

Radius fence: Concave or convex radius fence depending on industrial objectives. They are mainly used for commercial purposes and on steep roadside where maximum protection is needed.

Free standing guardrail: The edge guard protector stand is a very lightweight system that uses a proven balancing system to ensure complete safety of the work area. This is ideal for overall protection of flat roof edges.

Wall guardrail: Guardrail protection systems are used when optimal protection is provided by reducing the wall tension wall. The flexible bracket system is also used to secure the fence in place above the fence.

Top-Fix Guardrail: Top-Fix edge protection system is a type of lighting system specifically developed for direct installation to the top of the fence wall. This works well if the wall is too low.

You can use a variety of edge protection systems (Guardrail systems) which are the ideal solution for situations where falling protection measures are collectively needed.