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How To Select The Right Slurry Pump

The reasonable selection of slurry pumps is the key factor to increase the service life of the pump and save cost. A wise selection of slurry pumps includes a pump type, performance parameters, overflow component material, seal type, transmission mode, etc. Continue reading to learn more about the process of choosing the best slurry pump.

1. Firstly, the type of slurry pump is determined according to the user’s on-site working conditions. A horizontal slurry pump is suitable for import with a certain pressure, while a vertical slurry pump is suitable for a mud pool.

2. According to the acidity and alkalinity of the slurry, we can judge what material is used for the overflowing parts. And for large particles and strong impact pulp, it is better to select metal wear-resistant material flow passage parts, while for small particles and nonsharp edges and corners pulp, it is better to select rubber material flow passage parts.

3. The motor power of the slurry pump should be 1.2 times the shaft power of the slurry pump, because the power loss may be caused by the friction between the slurry and the pump body and the overload operation during the operation of the slurry pump

4. Determine the sealing mode. There are 3 kinds of sealing methods: packing seal, pressure relief cover auxiliary impeller seal, and mechanical seal.