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Quit Thumb sucking

How To Help Your Child Quit Thumb Sucking?

So, why do children suck their thumbs?

The answer is very simple; they find a certain level of comfort and peace while they are doing so. Most cases develop in the womb and are often triggered by something serious, feeling nervous or scared or sick.

My advice is not to worry too much about it until your child goes beyond the years after their permanent teeth start to emerge. It is usually somewhere around the age of six. If it gets past this point, you should look for ways to help your child and encourage a new habit instead of thumb sucking.

Some people will ask you to wait it out, but as from my experience, it may not be a good idea. You will be forced in some ways to punish your child, but this will only make the situation worse. You can also buy a thumb guard to quit thumb sucking of your child by visiting the Amazon Australia website.

What can you do?

Encourage your child to find other ways to get comfort and safety. You can also try things like blankets or a night light that plays music comfortably.

For your older children who are set in thumb sucking mode, you want to remind them that doing so in public is not socially good for them. Be sure to give them praise and encouragement when they do make an effort of not sucking their thumb.

If all else fails, then it's time to visit the family dentist as this may be your only course for suggestions that will fix this habit.