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Top Cannabis Security Services for Marijuana Dispensaries

Finding security services for your marijuana dispensaries is important to protect your profits and meet compliance standards. Security for retailer’s cannabis comes in many forms, from surveillance to armed guard for an armored truck.

Choosing cannabis security services that can provide solutions for all your business needs should be a high priority for every chemist. You can look for secure marijuana transportation services online.

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To help marijuana retailers in their quest to hire the best security services, we have compiled a list of security services. Keep in mind that not all security services will be available in every country but hopefully, this guide will help you make a decision.

1. MPS Security Service

MPS Security Service was established long before even the medical marijuana law. They soon realized the need for a security solution for the medical marijuana industry and have built a strong reputation for securing an exclusive contract for Seattle Hempfest and Denver 420 Cannabis Cup.

2. Operational Security Solutions

Operational Security Solutions is a particular cannabis security service that currently only serves the State of California. Founded in 2016, OSS is quite new for the marijuana industry but established by a team of highly professional experiences cannabis security that understands compliance and risk management.

3. Secure Access Senseon

Number five on our list marijuana reliable security services went to Senseon Secure Access. Senseon offers various types of security services for marijuana dispensaries. They focus on designing smart cabinet locks for marijuana retailers that meet and exceed compliance with state regulations.