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Everything You Need To Know About Sisterlocks

So you saw someone with beautiful Sisterlocks the other day and you're now interested in trying out this natural hairstyle. You're probably wondering what they're about and whether you should get them. Installing sisterlocks requires a significant time and financial investment, so gather as much information as possible.

Sisterlocks are unlike any other natural hairstyle and may be difficult to identify. Some people liken them to microlocs, while others like them to micro braids. Sisterlocks are a way of life, not just a haircut.

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Leighann's Sisterlocks: Daily Care In The Beginning

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 Where Do Sisterlocks Originate?

Sisterlocks are small, styleable locks that are created by interlocking them. Interlocking involves using a tool to form the locks rather than a palm roll or a two-strand twisting technique. Sisterlock technicians, also known as "Sister Lockticians," create the lock from the ends to the roots, which results in less root straining and hair follicle damage.

Because Sisterlocks locks are so small and adaptable, you can create a variety of hairstyles with them. Sisterlocks look great on short hair and can even be used on twain hair. If you're desperate for length, Sisterlocks extensions are a good temporary solution until you can grow your hair long enough to receive the real thing.

Here are some hairstyle ideas:

  • Hair that is long Sisterlocks hairstyles includes long and flowing locks, a messy top bun, and a braided bun.
  • Sisterlocks hairstyles for short hair include a mohawk, a side sweep, and an ombre with a flower to the side.
  • Sisterlocks wedding hairstyles include a beehive, a half-up/half-down top bun, and a French braid.
  • Workplace Sisterlocks Hairstyles: Any updo with a few curling ironed front locks.