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thoracic tube placement

A Guide To Understand Thoracic Surgery

Cardiothoracic surgery has come a long, long way in the past few years. Cardiac surgery, which is performed on the heart or its vessels to treat conditions of ischemic heart disease, valvular heart disease due to endocarditis or other causes, or to correct congenital heart problems.

It was soon realized that repairing intracardiac problems required an environment in which blood flow and heart action were minimal, which entailed stopping the heart and draining the blood. Technological advances have led to precise, objective, reliable digital air leak measurement with the help of a chest tube in this complex thoracic surgery procedure.

Examples of thoracic surgery include coronary artery bypass surgery, heart transplant, lung transplant, and removal of parts of the lung affected by cancer. Specialized thoracic surgeons treat lung and esophageal cancer, while specialized cardiac surgeons treat the heart.

Thoracic surgery procedures may be performed with either minimally invasive techniques or an open surgical procedure called a thoracotomy. Your surgeon may opt for a thoracotomy when it is necessary to see large portions of the lung or inner chest cavity. The procedure may be performed to remove the entire lung or a portion of the lung.

Hence, it is always recommended to consult a professional and well-trained surgeon before undergoing the surgery. The surgeon will guide the patient about the treatment plan.