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Web Security Solution

What Makes Web Hosting Safe And Reliable?

Computer hackers are coming up with increasingly innovative ways to penetrate the websites and web hosting companies try to follow the challenge of coming up with improved security measures.

It's very simple; your customers trust your online business if it is a secure website, and it is to you to take precautions like Invisible end-to-end web security solution to ensure the security of your site is not compromised.

Ignorance is not bliss: be aware of the risks.

Having a VPS or shared hosting servers can make your server vulnerable to attacks by hackers experts who download malware and other malicious Internet worms on the site.

All customers who have downloaded their personal data or financial site on the server are at risk for problems such as identity theft or losing large sums of money from their bank accounts.

The following features are absolutely important for secure web hosting:

  • A robust firewall that will block any threat to the server.
  • Software to prevent DDoS attacks
  • Monitor all sites on each server to ensure that none has been downloaded malware. If malware is found, the site must be immediately suspended to reduce threats.
  • Daily backup data on a remote server.
  • E-commerce sites must obtain an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt sensitive data like credit card and bank account details that pass through the hosting server.
  • All the passwords that are used to access the server and the files must be changed periodically. Strong passwords should be used.