Timber Framing – The Basics Concept

Every day discovered aspects of the timber industry being restored. To figure out what this process is called, what makes these houses look so unique and full of character.

It turns out that the process of making the best-prefabricated timber wall frames used in the house is thousands of years old. The ancient Egyptians used this method long before we had the advanced construction technology we use today. This structure was also very popular in China and Japan until the 20th century.

However, timber frames were most popular in Northern Europe during the Middle Ages. Large timber beams will be secured with dividing windows to form the timber frames of theaters, churches, houses of rich and large barns.

When Europeans immigrated to North America, they took this approach with them. The timber frame trend extended throughout America. Timber-framed buildings from that period still stand in many countries.

This process underwent a revival in the 1970s and an even greater resurgence in the US in the 1990s, thanks to new computer technology designed by Germany for cutting timber.

 This technology allows more homeowners to take advantage of a home's timber frame – better insulation, straight walls, and the use of recycled or reclaimed timber blocks. Rich in history and stunning in appearance, timber frames will be used in the future home.