Top Categories Of Audio Video Conferencing

Video conferencing definition is very easy to understand and means a virtual meeting between two or more people using high-quality software and hardware. These meetings can be conducted in various ways using different facilities such as mobile phones, desktop computers, browsers, personal rooms, etc. 

This turns out to be a very convenient solution for businesses and even individuals. So here we discussed the various categories in which we can classify audio-video conferencing or video calling. You can also buy audio video conferencing equipment via .

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Desktop application

This type of audio-video conferencing is often found in use by internal members of organizations, and companies that provide video conferencing solutions often support desktop applications.

The next type of browser-based video conferencing and there is no need to download any application or software for that type. This means that participants can become part of the video call by simply logging in via a shared web browser used by all participants.

The greatest feature of this type of conference call is that it is supported by webRTC or REAL-TIME CALL standards. Due to this feature, it is ideal for those who wish to attend a meeting or conference outside of the company.

This is a really easy method as it allows you to create any part of the video conference by simply separating the URL and there is no need to download any software.

When choosing this type of video conferencing, experts should always ask if they offer a complete WebRTC-based option that allows two-way sharing of video, audio, and content via a browser.