What is an Exterior Waterproofing Membrane?

Some houses suffer from the risk of water entering inside the houses, causing great damage to the exterior and interior of the house. The main issue is regarding the exterior and interior basement of the building. Exterior waterproofing is very important and once the home is provided with wet basement services, there will be no damage to the basement. People are permanently affected if the basement exterior is damaged, but by using services provided by exterior waterproofing services.

Exterior waterproofing required

In the case where the house is built on soil, knowing that the soil will be moist in a high and fluctuating water table. In case of a leak in the basement, the incoming water will cause a lot of damage to the basement walls and floor necessitating exterior waterproofing. To find the best Waterproofing Services in Sydney navigate to Mister Membrane Pty Ltd.

The main sign of an exterior wet basement is the presence of water on the foundation because the drainage system is not working well causing the walls to become damp. This situation is a serious indication that basement waterproofing services should be provided along with exterior waterproofing in the house, to prevent more damage to the basement than ever before.

Exterior waterproofing process

Exterior waterproofing is a costly affair, but it saves a lot of effort and health hazards for residents. The procedure has been listed in a step by step procedure for a better understanding of the benefits of the process:

1. For this process, the house needs to be dug from the sides to its bottom.

2. After the soil has been excavated, a protective membrane will be placed around the exterior of the basement to prevent any water damage.

3. A new, upgraded drainage system was installed to contain basement damage. The plastic drainage pipe stops water stagnation around your house.