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Automate Sales Processes Using A Product Configurator

Businesses that sell configurable products face the constant challenge of getting all of the product information to their clients, presenting all of the options and configurations transparently involved with the merchandise, and enabling customers to select the configurations they want.

In a conventional method, companies may exhibit all of the information related to a specific configurable model for a print catalog or a static web page and supply directions for customers to create their special configurations. You can buy a product configurator through vizframe.

These configuration details are filled in an order form and delivered to the company to create the item. The disadvantages in this process are incorrect information being presented to the client, misinterpretation of the configuration rules, and errors in the order form.

Using a system that simplifies the whole process of selling configurable products significantly increases productivity and reduces costs for businesses.

A Product Configurator system supplies all the essential product information to the users in a clear and comprehensible format and guides the users in making an entire configuration for many distinct kinds of items.

Let us take the case of an HVAC manufacturer selling to builders for installations in large spaces like a warehouse.

A normal ac unit comprises several features that will need to be chosen depending on the program, cooling area, elevation, intake requirements, and lots of others.

A user ought to be presented with different base models they can select from and customize additional to meet their requirements.

The whole process is streamlined and the consumer receives the adequate help necessary and the provider gets the order from the client through the automatic system.

3 Common Issues Your Tankless Water Heater Can Experience

Buying a tankless water heater can be a great investment for your home or office. This device works with a high-tech system that can produce unlimited amounts of hot water. By only heating water when it is needed, you can save a lot of energy compared to conventional tank boilers. There are many companies like Stuart Plumbing and heating that provide the best plumbing and heating services in Surrey.

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Although problems with tanks without tanks are very rare, in the end, they are electrical devices that are prone to problems. Some problems may arise when the device as a whole or its separate internal parts malfunction. 

Here are the 3 most common problems that tankless boilers may face:

Mineral build-up: Mineral build-up can be a problem for both tankless and traditional-type boilers. If you live in an area with this type of water supply that is difficult, you are likely to experience mineral build-up.

Minerals such as calcium and magnesium create bad scaly deposits inside the device that can cause serious damage if left untreated. 

System Pros: Your tankless tank can become overloaded if several people use the device or if the heater is used repeatedly. In such situations, the heater may have difficulty adding hot water or turn off completely. If this happens repeatedly, consider upgrading to a larger boiler or adding another unit. 

Cold Water Blast: If the water in your shower varies between hot and cold temperatures, you have a serious problem. This indicates that some hot water remains in the pipes on the way to the bathroom. Because of this, you are given hot water to start with.

Get the Best Fusing Glass Kiln Products Online

Creating fused glass jewelry used to require expensive equipment outlay, such as a large brick kiln for large production runs. The development of specially made small microwave ovens has put this exciting hobby within the reach of the novice hobbyist.

These new furnaces are made of a special material similar to that used to protect space shuttles when they re-enter Earth's atmosphere. They are very light and compact and can be used in microwaves from 800 to 1200 watts. They are by no means a toy for young children to use but are intended for young and old adults and provide an inexpensive way to become familiar with glass melting. You can also purchase the best Olympic glass kilns via

These new ovens allow you to create amazing glass jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, brooches, and much more.

How does it work?

The oven opens in two pieces. All you need to do is simply open the two halves of the oven to reveal the small settling mold where you can place one or more cut pieces of stained glass.

Close the oven halves and place them in the microwave. It only takes 3 minutes and your crystal will fuse to create attractive and unique jewelry pieces. It really is that easy.

What do you need?

You can buy these ovens separately in many places, but we recommend that beginners start with a kit that contains all the equipment and materials you need.

There are several kits, but the one we've tested is pretty good. It contains all the essentials you need to start producing beautiful fused glass jewelry right away.

What you need to start fusing glass is a microwave oven, a variety of colored glass pieces, a variety of dichroic glass (a special glass that changes color depending on the viewing angle), a glass cutter (for cutting glass to the size of the settling mold) inside the oven), safety gloves and instructions.

Most microwave ovens allow you to bake jewelry around 75mm in diameter, which is usually adequate for most jewelry projects.


How can a podiatrist help a football player?

PodChatLive is a once weekly livestream created for educating Podiatrists and others who might be interested in a wide range of relevant themes. It goes live on Facebook and then is usually later on published to YouTube. Every live episode features a different guest or number of experts to talk about a distinctive subject every time. Issues are answered live by the hosts as well as the experts whilst in the live episode on Facebook. Also there is a audio version of the stream on iTunes in addition to Spotify and the other traditional podcast resources. They have got created a big following that is growing. The show can be considered one of many strategies podiatry practitioners can get free professional education credits.

Among the more popular newly released livestreams was speaking about the part of podiatry within football or soccer. In that stream they brought up the difficulties of the treatment of soccer teams, and also the numerous ‘hacks’ that will be often needed for designing foot orthotics for soccer footwear. There was also some conversation in regards to the usefulness of pre-season testing with the lower limb. There was in addition an essential discussion about the science of precisely how footwear work together with different surface types along with what role which will play in performance and injury risk. The show assembled quite an expert panel which include Dr Lindsay Hill who is a Sports Podiatrist who has worked with a consultant basis for a variety of premier group soccer teams in addition to being used by the Football Association as podiatrist to the England women’s football teams. There was in addition David Brown, who qualified as a Podiatrist in 2015 right after a 17 year career as a elite footballer as well as Athol Thomson, a Sports Podiatrist based at Aspetar in Qatar who's presently studying for his PhD and studying football boot-playing surface traction. The last expert was Trevor Prior, an expert Podiatric Surgeon who's substantial experience within professional football, having looked after many premier league teams.

Engine Tuning Is A Great Option To Improve The Engine

Modifying cars for better performance has become a popular practice in recent years for those looking to get the most out of their engines. Tuning is one of the most reliable ways to improve your car's performance on the go.

However, it is inexpensive and one of the most environmentally friendly techniques. If you hope to make your car even better by adjusting the engine chip, it is important to do some research, but in the end, you will really feel the benefits of your car's performance. You can experience better results for diesel engine tuning via in Australia.

One of the first advantages people consider when it comes to customizing their car is fuel economy. This is one of the attractions when buying a tuning box for your car because of the significant effect. 

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The way the chip tuning works is by increasing the torque properties of the engine, which then results in more powerful propulsion. This, in turn, allows the car to reach higher speeds in less time and at slower speeds to reach those speeds. It saves fuel.

Engine cutting is very effective on diesel vehicles. Regardless of the arrangement, diesel is known to be more fuel-efficient than gasoline and hybrids. On top of that, they have more options for good torque and performance.

Diesel is reliable, and upgrading your car's engine with an adjustment system will only increase reliability. If you want to buy a new car before installing the tuning box, don't neglect diesel – it can be a great and economical option for you.

What is massage therapy – the healing practice of touch and movement

What is massage therapy in general? One thing we can say for sure is that it has become a fast growing profession. Decades ago, you never even heard of massage therapy. But since then his interest has grown rapidly. Even insurance companies understand and acknowledge the benefits of having an experienced masseuse.

The term massage therapy is used when referring to health and healing practices that involve touch and movement. This is a profession in which the therapist uses several manual techniques and can be used in adjunctive therapy. With their sole purpose, these techniques are aimed at positively affecting the health and well-being of the client. You can also get the best massage therapy via

So where does massage therapy come from?

The word massage may come from the Greek word "massein", which means "knead", or the Arabic word "masha", which means "to squeeze gently." Massage is truly the oldest form of physical medicine known to man.

This can be traced back to early Chinese medical manuscripts around 400 BC. To be traced back. It is known that Hippocrates advocated massage. And he was born in the fifth century and is also known as the "father of medicine". It was used and written in Roman times, and the story was recorded by Julius Caesar who received a massage to get rid of neuralgia!

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years. Ancient scriptures from many cultures mention the term massage.

In the United States, massage therapy became popular for various health purposes in the mid-19th century. Massage therapy was discontinued around the age of 30s and 40s. This is due to advances in science and technology in medicine. Interest in massage therapy increased in the 1970's. At that time, athletes mainly used this form of therapy.


More About Windshield Repair And Replacement Experts

Any break, crack or chip in the windshield is a problem. And we need to get professional help from a reputable auto glass specialist to avoid additional risks. However, there are many more services for which the ideal solution is to turn to an auto repair specialist.

In this article, you will learn more about the types of services that are offered by professional auto repair experts today.  You can get more information about the  windshield replacement experts in Florida via

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Reduce corrosion on windshield

One of the most important additional services from leading experts is the reduction of windshield corrosion. This type of treatment is to remove rust in vehicle pressure welds, because rust removal is important for bonding new glass by repairing rusted parts.

The process starts with removing corrosion from the surface, followed by using a primer to treat the bare metal seal.

Stone chip repair

You can get professional help from leading experts in auto service and stone chip repair. There are several types of broken glass treatment services by injecting high quality clear acrylic resin. This will help glue the glass together to reduce the visibility of the damage even further. The best thing about this type of service is that it only takes 15-30 minutes.

Eliminate leaks and wind

Other useful services are water leakage treatment and noise cancellation. According to experts, various factors such as corrosion, body repairs and accidents can lead to water leaks and eventually excessive noise problems in the car. The experts eliminated water leakage and noise problems without replacing them.

Why Choose A Green Janitorial Service In CA

Going Green is a good thing. Everyone is accountable for the environment, what they put in and what they take out. And, it is not just people that are thinking about going green. Businesses are also realizing the importance of going green. As a company owner, you can choose green janitorial services to keep the workplace healthier and clean. To get the best janitorial services in CA, visit


Picking a green janitorial service can save a lot of cash. Listed below are the main reasons why your business can get benefit just by using green janitorial services:

* Good for you and your workers

Cleaning your office with environmentally friendly goods improves air and eliminates the number of chemicals in their work surfaces and air. Uses natural products for cleansing for a healthy environment.

* Good for scavengers

This reduces the danger of illness and injury while on the job which translates into a liability for your delay and watchman service. Natural products imply they can reduce the amount of liability insurance as the danger decreases and pass the savings on to you.

* Great for your environment

Properly, it's clear and the entire purpose of green cleaning. Harsh Chemicals aren't passing through pipes and contaminated water supplies. Aerosol is not helping ozone break down further and recycling reduces waste.

Some of those ways watchmen service companies have gone green are through the products they use and the way they recycle.  Ask what their policy is on recycling and the equipment they use.

Just check the internet or yellow pages for"green" or environmentally friendly watchman services. Firms doing their part for the surroundings are particularly important because cleaning these centers induces a large proportion of contaminants in the environment.  

Reasons why women wear yoga pants

In the modern fashion age, yoga trousers are a lady's favorite and the ideal option for trousers for girls everywhere. Do not attempt to argue about if you are going to some pleasure assembly or the grocery shop. Yoga pants are exactly what girls enjoy the most. Don't you agree?

Yoga pants are one of the most popular fashions in the world today. It was specifically developed for yoga and other forms of exercise but later became an everyday trouser. And now it is the most popular street fashion style for every woman. I mean, come on, who doesn't like comfortable clothes and still looks fabulous.

Why do women wear yoga pants while doing exercise?

• Yoga pants stretch well and fit perfectly on our bodies so they are very comfortable to wear day and night.

• Variable length, length, and close to the ankle or calf. Depending on the type of exercise you do, you can choose accordingly.

• Breathe well. Although some pants can be suffocating and very uncomfortable.

• They are an ideal choice for travel supplies. Combine your yoga pants with a crop top or oversized shirt and put on your favorite sneakers. I bet you will rock this airport view.

• You can safely practice in it. There is no practice or pull when practicing in yoga pants.

Keep in mind that although yoga pants are pants and can be worn all day, they are perfect for wearing during yoga practice. They help increase your flexibility while ensuring that your body breathes during an exercise or yoga session.

Why Is The Medical American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter Important?

The Medical American Sign Language (ASL) translator enables the deaf to communicate with hearing people and vice versa. It is mandatory to include them in on-site or remote medical interpreting services for organizations receiving Medicare, Medicaid, or reimbursement from federal health programs.

Medical American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters are leaders in assisting the deaf and hearing impaired. They use a variety of communication methods including sign language and reading language. You can also look for the best ASL medical interpreter professional via

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However, it is difficult for them to express themselves or read lips when health workers wear masks. An interpreter is needed to overcome language barriers and treat patients well. Medical interpretation by telephone is not an option to reach an ASL interpreter, but live or remote medical video interpretation are two ways of interpreting sign language.

American Sign Language Interpreters face a complex type of interpretation that requires everyone to have high levels of cognitive, technical, and linguistic skills in two specific languages: American Sign Language and English. Her job is not the same as translating traditional medicine.

Interpreting sign language doesn't just replace English words with visible sign representations. There are special grammar and sentence structure rules that only apply to American Sign Language.

Sometimes cultural information can be combined into interpretations to suit language.