All About Android App Development Guide

To get started with android app development and to end up successfully, you need to know the right steps. This article will guide you with some easy steps to build an amazing application for android users.

1 – Begin with Android Studio:

Android Studio is the most commonly used IDE for building these applications and it comes straight from Google. The best thing about this IDE is that it is specifically designed for building android applications. If you are looking for android app developer then you can check

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2 – Install the JDK:

Once you have installed the Android Studio, it's time to install the JDK that is the Java Software Development Kit. This kit will help you to interpret and then compile the programming codes.

3 – Now, you are all set to begin with your project:

Choose the 'Start new project' option. Then enter your application name and the company domain. Providing this information will help you to create the package name for the app. The format will be like –

Step 4 – Select the activity:

Now, you will have to choose the templates, get access to Google maps, pick the preferred titles, and choose the activity you would like to go with for building the app. Experts suggest the beginners go with the 'basic Activity'. This always helps to keep things simple until the end.

Step 5 – Next, choose the layout for the app:

Now, it's time to choose the layout for your project. Choose from the plethora of layout names available for android apps. Consider elements like the color, the font used, images, and the other features of the layout and then pick whichever you think will suit the app.

Step 6 – Modify the edit message:

Go to the 'activity_main.xml' tab. Click and then drag the 'Hello World!' from the top left corner of your phone's screen right to the center. Then go to the 'value' folder and then double click the 'strings.xml' file.