Choosing the Right Boxing Gloves For a Heavy Bag Workout

The important part of any boxing workout is choosing the right boxing gloves. boxing gloves not only offers protection for your hands; they offer little resistance in your arm when you throw a punch, which will increase the level of work your muscles.

The most common size is 8 oz gloves 18 oz; This article looks at the things to consider when buying a glove so you do not waste your money! If you are looking for punching gloves and mitts then you are in the right place.

Your heavy bag workout really can benefit from choosing the right glove so I'll give you three things that will affect the size of the gloves you buy:

Your size

Boxer different sizes benefit from different size gloves. Larger boxes will require heavier gloves (about 16oz) to offer them more protection, such as a blow they tend to have a bit more power behind them.


Slightly smaller boxer will need a glove around 12oz-14oz, heavy gloves can add a little too much resistance to their arms after throwing a high number of blows. Although your size alone can not be the deciding factor of the gloves you buy.

Use of Gloves

Now I know this article is about choosing the size of gloves for heavy bag workout, but I think it still would be a valid point to make. The size of the boxing gloves will change if you are looking to use boxing gloves for sparring well.

Gloves for sparring usually between 8 oz 10 oz so you have to take this into account if you want to use your gloves to spar, heavier gloves will reduce the speed and add too much pressure on your arm.

Heavy bag workout gloves usually what 12oz and above for the protection and improvement of the effectiveness of training.

These are some things that you should keep in mind when buying your boxing gloves. I see I have not given specific answers for what boxing glove you should buy; this is because it will entirely depend on your circumstances.

If you are a great fighter who wants to use a heavy bag workout to get power punches, you will need a heavier pair of gloves like 18 oz. whereas if you're a small fighter looking to tone up you will need a pair of 12oz gloves.