Here Are The Best Ways To Get A Real ID Online

When trying to get a real ID, you might be wondering if technology can make it easier for you. There are a few ways to get a real ID, depending on your location. While not all states have all the requirements yet, online resources abound to help you get started.

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The best way to test out whether or not you meet the requirements is to visit one of the state websites and request a driver's license or identification card. If you don't meet all the requirements yet, don't worry – you can still use a real ID for general purposes such as boarding airplanes and entering federal facilities.

The following are three methods for obtaining a real ID: 

1. Online: Many states offer online tools that allow you to check if you qualify for a real ID and download the necessary forms. 

2. In-person: You can also obtain a real ID in person at any of the state agencies that issue licenses or identification cards. You'll need to bring your proof of citizenship (such as your birth certificate or passport) and proof of Social Security number (such as your W-2 form). 

3. By mail: If you're not able to visit an agent in person, you can apply for a Real ID by mail. You'll just need to fill out the forms provided by the state..