Look-Out For Best Drupal Website Migration Services

Moving from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8/9 is a significant step. It's more than just a simple update. Before you settle on a budget or timeline, you must consider if you want your new digital experience to include any new features or integrations, or if you want to expand, update or restructure your content. 

Your Drupal site development partner can help you identify your "must-have" features and design components so you get the most bang for your buck.


There are some key questions that your organization should ask. They must also be open and honest. Sometimes, it will be up to your priorities and deadlines. We are particularly interested in websites that have not met key accessibility standards.

  • What time are you able to dedicate to what is likely a major re-platforming project?

  • How much do you have to spend on the project?

  • Is your budget sufficient to support extra work such as a redesign of the design?

  • Are you required to launch your company before an important date, such as the deadline for college registration or the deadline for government approval?

Many organizations find it easier to get the budget for large projects if they ask one time. So refreshing the site's design during the migration may be more convenient than planning and migrating a separate design project every six months. 

Other organizations may not have enough money to complete all of the work on a single project. Therefore, it might be more cost-effective to split the project into multiple phases. One phase is for migration and another for design.

You can save time and money by planning ahead for extra work such as revisiting the site's information architecture. It is better to budget time for the work up front than to have to deal with custom migrations to transfer content or entity types you don't use anymore. This improves the maintainability of the site and saves time for editors and developers who do daily work on it.