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Types Of Pool Covers That You Should Know Before Buying One

Not all pool covers are built alike. Some pool covers are built for heat retention, others for water conservation, others for just safety purposes, and there are others that can actually do it all! 

Swimming Pool Safety Covers

There are a few different types of pool safety covers but they all serve one primary purpose and that is to keep people (specifical kids) and animals safe from falling into the pool. But before reading further about the type of pool covers, It would be best to get quality automatic pool cover reels & roller systems in Australia for your pool safety and maintenance. 

Here are the different types of pool safety covers that are available in Australia.

Mesh pool safety covers – While they may look similar to net pool covers, mesh pool safety covers are not meant to be taken on and off at a whim since they need to be securely anchored with anchor pegs. 

Their mesh design allows the water to drain into the pool, and keeping the leaves dry, allowing the wind to blow them away. Of course, while this can help with the debris problem, this doesn’t prevent water from entering your pool.

Solid Safety pool covers – Solid safety pool covers are usually made from a solid piece of vinyl that’s stretched over the surface of your pool. 

They offer all of the advantages of mesh safety pool covers plus the added benefit of preventing water from entering the pool. The only downside is that if installed incorrectly, water and debris may flow into the pool.


Advantages Of Using Swimming Pool Cover

Pool covers are essential for both indoor and outdoor pools. Open pools attract filth easily. They ensure hygiene and safety, as the chances of accumulation of dirt and careless falling can be avoided. You can refer to

pool enclosure
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Pool cover offers numerous benefits to the owner and are therefore necessary for any pool, private or public. The three main benefits of a pool cover are:

  • Prevents accidents:

The main reason why you should cover your swimming pool is that it acts as a watch guard. Accidents such as drowning are often associated with pools, and unguarded pools are always dangerous when not in use. Small children and pets are always at risk of falling into it at any time. Since it is not practical to appoint a watchman for your pool, using a pool cover can keep these mishaps at bay. It is always good to invest a bit in safety while you invest in your recreation.

  • Saves on costs:

Pool covers prevent pools from getting dirty. It also decreases the need for heating, chemical treatments and cleaning thereby reducing the overall maintenance cost of the swimming pool. Since you don’t use the cleaning equipment frequently it will last longer than the said time. Thus saving you some money on it as well.

  • Prevents water/heat loss:

Uncovered pools are subject to water-loss due to evaporation. Studies say that 1000s of litres of water evaporate from pools daily. Keeping it open also causes heat loss, which makes you heat it up multiple times a day. Cover prevents both these to a good degree.