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Daily Care Routines For Acne-Prone Skin

While scrubbing is no longer recommended as an acne treatment, there is one aspect of acne treatment that requires gentle and consistent cleansing techniques.

In addition to cleansing damaged skin, daily routines may require topical antibiotics and creams or lotions to improve the condition and gently dry out areas where the sebum glands secrete too much sebum. You can find the best daily routine body products via

daily routine body products

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Here are some daily activities that should help maintain clear and healthy skin without acne symptoms.


One of the easiest ways to treat acne is to increase the amount of water you drink each day. Extra water means your cells stay hydrated. Staying hydrated and in good circulatory system health means your entire body is functioning better.

Toxins released by cells, such as dead skin cells, are removed when there is a lot of water in the system. Overall body health refers to the specific health of important organs such as the skin.

A good circulatory system removes toxins from systems outside the body through sweat, respiration, and kidney function.

Cleaning: Your daily acne routine should always include a morning and night cleansing with a gentle product like salicylic acid. It provides a mild drying effect without further damaging the skin.

Acne scars should not be rubbed with strong cleansers or products, which tend to only make the skin more inflamed.

However, exfoliating is part of cleansing. The warm water and gentle action helps cleanse the pores of accumulated oil and dead skin cells without damaging the cells.