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How to Make a Beautiful Bunch of Dry Flowers?

Dry flowers are as beautiful as they are hard to make. Here are the four possible ways of getting flowers dried as soon as possible.

Dry flowers can be produced by mechanical pressure used upon them. This is the second way to dry a plant. It is easy although its main feedback is that it leaves the dry flowers flat and without shape. Take a heavy object and place it on the wrapped flowers. For the wrapping, you can use unglazed paper, such as newsprint or a telephone book. The drying takes from two up to four weeks to complete. You can also buy 'dry flowers' (also known as 'droogbloemen' in the Dutch language) from online stores.

A wise way to prevent flattening of the flowers when drying is by burying them in drying materials, such as mixtures from sand, or borax, or cornmeal. These three materials can be useful only in drying specific kinds of flowers. A universal solution is silica gel. This gel is more expensive than the above-mentioned materials, but one of its basic priorities over others is that it can be used over and over again without having to replace it. It can virtually dry any kind of flower. Getting dry flowers with the usage of silica gel is very easy. 

The dry flowers will be ready depending on their density and the size and number of petals. The heating time for denser plants with many petals will be about 3 minutes. Smaller flowers will take a minute or less to dry. After procuring the dried flowers, you should let them in the silica crystals for 12 to 24 hours, so that moisture can be thoroughly absorbed.