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commercial solar panels

How Does A Commercial Solar Panel Work?

Commercial Solar panels are mounted on a roofing system structure or the grounds of a commercial facility. They are likewise made use of as the roof structure over a parking lot. The power originating from sunshine on the solar cells is sent out to a gadget called an inverter.

The inverter converts the DC power from the photovoltaic panels into A/C power similar to that being sent to you from the utility grid. Industrial Inverters been available in a stove from 2.5 KW to 250 KW, tailored to fulfill the requirements of any commercial application.

Single phase and 3 phase items, with line voltage auto-detection, are designed to lessen the power loss during the conversion process. 20-25 year service warranties are standard for commercial photovoltaic panels.

Power takes a trip from the inverter to the electrical service panel at the breaker box, where it is distributed to electrical loads throughout the center. Excess energy produced by the solar panels flows into the grid through your electric meter. This causes your meter to run backward and obtains your company credit with the utility business.

Commercial solar panels team includes some of the most experienced and successful professionals in the Australian solar industry who have delivered some of the biggest solar power stations in the country including Australia’s first 1 Mega-Watt solar system.