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dental bridge

Teeth Replacement With Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a time-tested treatment to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges help reestablish dental functionality as well as the aesthetics of the individual. 

The patient may chew food properly after more and speak normally as another person with healthy teeth. There are many dentist companies like Watertown Dentistry which provide dental bridges in Cambridge MA.

dental bridge

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The most frequent types of dental bridges are the conventional bridges that involve the placement of a dental crown or augmentation on both sides of the lost tooth. A pontic is put between those abutment teeth.

Traditionally bridges are usually made with ceramic or porcelain fused with metal for additional strength. A cantilever bridge may be utilized in a circumstance where adjoining teeth are available only on one side of the tooth. Resin-bonded bridges made of plastic teeth and gums supported by a metal frame will also be available.

The very first step into the dental bridge process is to ready the abutment teeth. This involves re-contouring of these teeth with a slight removal of enamel to allow area for crown placement over these teeth. 

Afterward, impressions of the teeth have been taken to help prepare a well-fitting dental bridge, pontic and dental implants at the laboratory. The dentist will normally supply a temporary bridge while the custom bridge is under preparation at the lab. 

The next visit to your dentist will involve removal of the temporary bridge and fixing of the new, permanent bridge. Leading dentists at Cambridge may offer the best possible dental bridge therapy to replace lost teeth.