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GM Airbag Recall Lawsuit

Auto Accident Attorneys For A Car Accident

Modern automobiles are more secure than ever but massive recalls by manufacturers are not uncommon. Four major automakers recall 3.4 million passenger cars because defective airbags caught on fire after they were engaged. 

These defective airbags were not responsible for any deaths or injuries. However, carmakers have learned that it is always safer to be safe than sorry. You can also look for the best gm airbag recall lawsuit via

Takata Airbag Inflator Recalls May Impact Up To 90M More Vehicles -

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Auto accident lawyers can file class-action lawsuits against carmakers if an automotive defect causes death or permanent injury. These lawsuits can be hundreds of millions to even billions of dollars. 

A number of lawsuits claiming "unintended acceleration" were settled by one of the largest automakers in the world. The settlement cost was $1.1 billion.

Not only do large recalls hurt bottom lines, but they can also draw unwanted attention and bad press that can end up costing an automaker more in the long term. The automaker mentioned has been through public relations disaster after disaster, despite its size. 

It is easy to imagine how a smaller automaker would do in court. These cases are not always easy.

Finding A Lawyer-

A good car defect attorney is not only a skilled litigator but also has professional contacts in the science sector or may be able to work with forensic specialists. These cases almost exclusively rely on scientific evidence. 

Sometimes, forensic scientists and automotive engineers work together to recreate the scene of an accident. This can help establish legal liability.

The lawyers must know how to read forensic reports and interview scientists. You should therefore always seek out someone who has extensive experience in this highly sought-after legal field.