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Cortisol and Adrenaline Glands – All That You Should Know

If you have been struggling with a chronic health condition and it is not getting better – it could be because of your adrenal glands? Do you deal with prolonged stress? Is your doctor mentioned the adrenal gland or adrenal fatigue may be the root of the problem?

We all know that stress is a major factor in our health, unfortunately, mainstream medicine only recognizes it as a generic term. Because of this, the consequences of havingcortisol and adrenalineis constantly pumping through your body. So, it becomes very important to go for a cortisol test.

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More stress you’re under, more cortisol and adrenaline adrenal glands will be produced by your body. This is called the ‘fight or flight’ mode. Your body is designed to handle stress but not for the long term. We should get out of it by relaxing and giving our bodies a chance to recover.

Your adrenal glands can pump out more cortisol and adrenaline only before they become tired and exhausted, which is also known as adrenal fatigue. Stress depletes your body which is why rest and proper nutrition is important in keeping your adrenal glands to function properly.

Cortisol and adrenaline are the two main hormones – you can not live without. They are basically the survival hormones as they can prevent your body from feeling tired.