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teddy bear

Buy Small Teddy Bear Dogs

Dog teddy bear is actually a few new dog categories, which only existed since the late 1990s. Specific appointment of "Teddy Bear" does not officially describe a particular type of dog, but mostly used in a description connected to the cross line from Bichon Frize and Shih Tzu. 

At the same time, the phrase "Teddy Bear" has long been used to describe several different hybrids between the breeds such as Yorkshire Terrier, Cocker Spaniels, Dachshund, Schnauzers, Toys Poodles, along with Shih Tzu and Bichon Frize. If you want to buy a small teddy bear dog, then you can check out the web.

what is a teddy bear puppy

Shih Tzu / Bichon Frize Cross is often known as Zuchon, Shichon, or Tzu Frize. Cross-Breed Dog Designers have collected "teddy bear" labels because of the very small overall size, beautiful features, smooth coats, larger eyes, and all the resemblance to the teddy bear.

Teddy Bears are of course not officially recognized races. Therefore, it is possible that with several additional generations of breed they will get the recognition as the name: Zuchon.

Teddy Pups have the potential to grow up to 20 lbs. However, they usually weigh 11-16 lbs. After fully growing. They can quite combine unique colors, especially white, black, and many various shades of chocolate. This coloring contributes to their lure amid the owner of a puppy because two teddies do not often appear similar.