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what causes bed bugs

Tips To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

1. Get bids from at least three companies before making your choice: Try to get prices in your area. Prices vary by region, size of the infestation, the number of rooms to treat, and other factors. But expect a bed bug treatment early on can cost several hundred dollars, with follow-up costs somewhat less.

2. Ask about their experience of bed bugs: You want someone who knows how to kill bed bugs. If they have never been treated bed bug, it's a bad sign. The experience is very important. The best companies have technicians that specialize solely in bed bugs.

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3. Ask for references: Specifically, ask for the names of people whose homes they have been treated for bed bugs. Then follow up and actually call people.

4. Get the details of their treatment plan before they start, and get it in writing: Make sure they will provide detailed instructions on what to do before, during and after treatment. Ideally, your technician should provide information sheets on chemicals that will be used, how they are used, their risks, and so on.

5. Make sure they have insurance: You want your exterminator to pay for any damage to your home, as well as injury that their technicians may suffer in your home.