Who is Virtual CTO?

The Chief Technology Officer or CTO plays an essential role for an enterprise that is mid-market. CTOs are posted on the Board that is responsible for almost all technologies within the business from hardware to software, to suppliers and teams. The CTO reports to the CEO. The CTO is responsible for ensuring innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness throughout the company.

Virtual CTO or CTOs ' responsibilities are similar however, they tend to be less specialized in their responsibilities. A full-time CTO has the commitment for a long time to a company however, a CTO is assigned some specific job, for example, overseeing the management of an ERP project or strengthening cybersecurity and compliance. You can get the best virtual CTO service via castawayit.com.

Hire a Virtual CTO as a Service / Consulting CTO on Demand

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However, a fractional CTO will be responsible for day-to-day tasks and bigger projects. A virtual CTO will be, in essence, some distance from the business. However, a fractional CTO will be able to handle the process, people, and technology needs of a mid-market business.

Who really needs a virtual CTO?

Mid-market companies turn to CTOs due to a variety of reasons. They might require the services of a CTO who has particular expertise. Perhaps the company might benefit from an outsider's view regarding its technology and growth plans.

A common reason is a cost: because CTOs are, by definition, temporary and/or contract employees They are less expensive than a CTO who is a regular employee.

Fractional CTOs however, offer benefits in the short-medium-, long-term. They're also affordable.