Why Every Watch Needs A NATO Strap

NATO straps are a fun, inexpensive, and easy way to add some color and uniqueness to a watch. Military in origin, they’re now wildly popular despite having some quirky features that are not at all practical for civilian use.

Have you ever wondered why you should choose a NATO strap with your watch? You can easily buy watch straps (In the Norwegian language “kjpe klokkerem”) from many sites.

kjpe klokkerem

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Every watch feels comfortable on a NATO strap, that's a fact. Even the strict NATO, which might have been a bit stiff in its early days, soon softened and became very comfortable. They are very light and feel like taking all the weight off the watch.


Your watch may not survive the harshest of deserts, but your NATO definitely will. NATO belts absorb as much salt or fresh water as you can soak them, rinse quickly, and dry like new. Unlike some metal or leather straps, the NATO doesn't rub or stretch when hot, so no tedious adjustments are needed!

NATO belt type

Nylon: The standard material used by NATO and the original material used by the British Ministry of Defense in the 70s. As you can guess from its military connections, NATO nylon straps are extremely durable, weather-resistant, and lightweight.

Seat Belts: Seat belts in NATO have thicker, more visible nylon webbing, like – you guessed it – seat belts. The thicker strap and braided construction make this band extremely strong and sturdy, keeping your watch securely on your wrist without slipping up and down the strap.